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L’achat de forfaits de ski est indisponible.

Opening from July 4 to August 29, 2020


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Opening from July 4 to August 29, 2020

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L’achat de forfaits de ski est indisponible.
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2017 - Jury


The originality of the developments in les Arcs’ resorts remains true to the architectural philosophy with which the design is imbued: roof lines following the lines of the ridges, the absence of cars within the resorts, open shopping malls, apartment buildings thoughtfully oriented so that all the occupants enjoy a view, apartments functionally laid out so that skiers and golfers can enjoy their holidays in comfort.

When you stay in les Arcs, well-being is very much part of the architectural style which is in perfect harmony with the outstanding quality of the natural location that the buildings have left unspoilt.

The architectural style of the apartment buildings in les Arcs is uncompromisingly modern; it does not reflect the traditional image of the mountains but is a major leisure centre. That is why the distinction « SIGNATURE LES ARCS » is promoting the architectural style that makes les Arcs stand out. 

Interiors that have been recognised and given the SIGNATURE LES ARCS stamp will enable the resort to develop client loyalty and attract a passionate and exacting clientele.
Holidaymakers staying in these classic apartments will enjoy an Arcadian experience.

These examples will also attract and orient renovation professionals and encourage them to recommend and carry out refurbishment and renovation work in les Arcs in the same spirit as the apartments bearing the SIGNATURE LES ARCS certificate. 

Apartments are preselected by Référence Les Arcs.A jury of experts then visits and assesses the interiors.

The jury is made up of: a journalist, an architect, an artist / designer, a photographer or cameraman and an institutional representative

A mark card based on the quality of architectural research is supplied in support of the assessment.

The assessment is based on 4 themes:

- Les Arcs’ heritage of architectural quality

- The return to the contemporary reference field

- Technical development solutions

- The resident’s concern to « take care »

The decision to award the SIGNATURE LES ARCS distinction is taken after deliberation by the jury.

A SIGNATURE LES ARCS award ceremony is organised twice a year attended by the Jury, the property owner and the Référence Les Arcs Management Committee.


La journée de visites et d’évaluation des biens présélectionnés s’est déroulée le 29 Septembre 2017.

Le jury d’experts était constitué de

- Cécile BONNEFOI – Architecte – cabinet SNACK architecture

- Loïc MARTIN – Rédaction – Cosy Mountain/Cosy City/Cosy-Design, Freepresse

- Anne Sophie MORILLE – Directrice Création – Agence Merci

- Michaël PASQUET – Développement et Attractivité des destinations montagne – Compagnie des Alpes

- Sylvain CHARLOT – Pôle ressources "Réhabilitation de l'immobilier de loisir en montagne" - Atout France

3 intérieurs sur 6 ont été primés : 

Résidence Les Arolles - Arc 1600

Résidence L’Armoise - Arc 1800

Résidence Le Varet - Arc 2000

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