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Let's meet again on December 10, 2022!

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Follow the clues to the mountain's secrets

Through the “Right Track”, Les Arcs suggests taking a fun break this winter. This life size game is the perfect occasion to discover or improve your knowledge of our mountains. Each week, children or adults can try to win two Essential Passes and a “Eau des Arcs” flask.

 « Stop ! Wait, let go of your poles and raise your eyes. Look at the sky, the clouds, the peaks, the snowflakes falling on the tip of your nose, the snow shining in the sun….Yes, you’re in the mountains.

The mountains are an extraordinary place, a gift of nature that we all need to protect.

So together, the younger ones discover it, others get to know it and those who have known it for a while can unlock it’s secrets.

But be careful : here in les Arcs, the mountain is full of surprises…. So, to solve the riddles without getting lost in the answers, follow the right track.”

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