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L’achat de forfaits de ski est indisponible.

Opening from July 4 to August 29, 2020


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Opening from July 4 to August 29, 2020

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L’achat de forfaits de ski est indisponible.
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Useful tips

Les Arcs opening dates : July 4th -  August 29th 

Exceptional this summer: Funicular offered to pedestrians

FFCT - Approved Bike Park

11 lifts

South-east exposure, maximum sunshine

Summer Area from 800 m to 3 226 m in altitude

A 2 - course golf, 18 holes and 9 holes

A huge and varied choice accommodation

Funicular linking Bourg Saint Maurice to Les Arcs in 7 min

A balcony resort exceptional panoramic views

Two destinations : Bourg Saint Maurice and Les Arcs, 5 atmospheres

6 Tourist Offices quality tourism label

20th Century Heritage remarkable architecture

Events / News, News, Useful tips

Festival de Musique des Arcs

July 19th to 29August 2nd

Classical concerts performed by internationally renowned musicians. Free access


August 1st and 2nd

Moutain bike race open to adults, but also for children under 13 with a simplified track 

La Nocturne des Ruelles

August 7th 

Run as an American relay in teams of 2, this mountain bike race will take you through the sinuous streets and lanes of Bourg-Saint-Maurice

Le Trail Des Arcs

August 13rd 

Departing from Arc 1600, this trail will take you on footpaths along the various sites of Les Arcs.

5ème Salon des Artistes 

August 22th and 23th 

Painting, Photo, Sculpture, Graphic and Digital Art: a fair to meet the artists of the Territory

Le Tour de L'avenir - Arrival Arc 1800 

August 28th 

Last stage of this Tour de l'Avenir, starting from Saint Michel de Maurienne will take the Col de l'Iseran (2762m) before joining Arc 1800 after 133km of race

Championnat du Monde de Mountain Kart 

August 27, 2020

A qualifying round and final stages against the best in the world on a 1300m and 250m vertical drop course at Arc 1800 facing Mont Blanc

Enduro 2 

August 28th to 30th 

2020 3-day Enduro MTB race, in teams of 2.

Stop Waste Tour

September 5th 

Waste collection operation in Les Arcs

Passage du Tour de France

September 17, 2020

Passage to Bourg Saint Maurice on the Albertville - Val Thorens stage

Winter Film Festival

From 05 to 08 November 2020

5th edition of the winter film festival before winter!

Sports, News, Amazing

Mountain biking trail at Arc 1600

“Easy Rider” at Arc 1600: to make mountain biking even more accessible to beginners, this new green trail starts at the top of the Cachette chairlift. It is a fun and varied route with passages in the undergrowth and in meadows which allows 550 m of vertical drop and 6 km

Electric mountain bike trails

GO TO THE VAE TO MEET THE VILLAGES OF HAUTE-TARENTAISE The Community of Communes of Haute-Tarentaise has also developed around thirty marked paths which for some give the opportunity to discover the plethora of charming villages in the commune. All info and topo-guides on rando.vanoise.com

Electric scooters

In Les Arcs we like original activities and riding an electric scooter "Arc’En Trott" to climb the mountain is one of them. several possibilities of course according to its level.
All the information arc-trott73.com

Events / News, Culture/Heritage

Face à la situation exceptionnelle, l'Académie des Arcs devient pour cette nouvelle édition le Festival de musique des Arcs et aura lieu du 19 au 29 juillet 2020.

Le Festival de musique se tiendra, sous une forme réduite et différente, avec la compositrice Camille Pépin invitée en résidence. Au cours de cette 47e édition, le public pourra assister à plusieurs concerts par jour, soit dans l’une des salles habituelles, soit en plein air.

Certains concerts seront également accessibles dans le nouvel espace digital. Le tout dans le respect des gestes barrières et des consignes des autorités.

Cette année, un collectif de musiciens se réunit pour travailler des oeuvres de musique autour d'une centaine de partitions et d'une trentaine de concerts dans des lieux adaptés. Chaque jour le programme du lendemain sera annoncé à la criée pour une édition libre et spontanée, recentrée sur le cœur de répertoire de musique de chambre.

Le Festival a toujours eu pour mission, depuis sa création, de permettre à la jeune génération de débuter une carrière dans les meilleures conditions.

Events / News

The YUGE PARADISKI app is back with new features dedicated to summertime. This summer, YUGE will guide you along the hiking trails and the mountain bike tracks.With the YUGE PARADISKI app you can access in real time weather forecasts as well as propositions of activities and events in line with what you can and what you want to do throughtout your stay in Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry or La Plagne.

Useful tips

OUR PHOTO LIBRARY IS: photo.lesarcs.com

You can create a account directly on the website or
ask us for access codes:  Contact-us

ARCHITECTURE a 20th Century heritage site

Les Arcs was created in 1968 to fulfil the demands of the mass tourism attracted by winter sports. The project also enabled young architects and innovative developers to develop an architectural concept in which the quest for functionality and profitability was adapted to suit the splendid natural surroundings.

Guided tours or how to explore the architecture of les Arcs
Proof that modernity can compromise with the mountains, nature and the town, the conglomerations of Arc 1600 and Arc 1800 were awarded the « 20th Century Heritage » label in 2006.  The les Arcs Tourist Office organises free guided tours to explore the architecture of les Arcs. Every week a guide offers visitors a guided walk round the various parts of the resort.

Modernity working on behalf of nature
Creating a ski resort out of nothing and constructing a setting that is functional and aesthetically pleasing and fulfil is the needs of this new growth in tourism is in itself an exciting project.
The developer, Roger Godino and the young team of architects who worked on les Arcs resolutely aligned their project with modernity. Contrary to the opinion of some detractors who saw in it a desire to « concrete over the mountains », under the benevolent authority of Charlotte Perriand, this intensely creative period was intended to work for the conservation of nature.
Charlotte Perriand: a creative woman
An architect and designer of genius, she worked on the building of the various sectors of les Arcs for nearly 20 years. She was the soul of the group of architects who were fascinated by her creative power.
Through keeping the group together and preventing them from
drifting it is surely thanks to her that the architectural line defined at the outset endured throughout the construction of all the sectors.
Her concept of functionality, the “right move“, practical shape, simple beauty without design and without added decoration, was to inspire a style of architecture conceived from the inside working outwards. By making these young architects start by putting themselves in the visitors’ shoes she overturned their professional reflexes and pushed
them to go beyond the usual boundaries between town planning,
architecture and fittings.
Her work in les Arcs is particularly recognisable for:
- The raised balconies allowing light to flood into the apartments and to provide a wider outlook on the view
- The work on the furnishings, every piece of which was conceived and designed by Charlotte Perriand
- The innovative technical solutions such as the resin bathrooms made in a single block to minimise time and costs. An unknown
process at the time!
- The integral kitchens opening onto the living area. Almost standard today, they were a real revolution 40 years ago!
- The work on the buildings’ gangways, given life by the solid colours of the wood and the lighting.


Faced with the economic and tourist challenges of mountain resorts, the resort of les Arcs examined the development of its accommodation facilities. As a result, ADS (the Les Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry ski area) and Les Arcs - Bourg Saint Maurice
Tourisme (ABT) set up «Référence Les Arcs» two years ago.

The aim of this is to re-classify the accommodation facilities in the resort and to encourage owners to renovate their interiors in a way that is consistent with the original architectural heritage and in response to the evolving needs of the clientele.

Following the classification (over 300 inspections made) and renovation incentive phases, in 2014 Reference Les Arcs initiated the enhancement of quality property phase or more precisely the award of les Arc’s own distinction called «Signature Les Arcs».
This distinction promotes stylish, inventive and functional interiors in order to cultivate, conserve and encourage les Arcs’ resolutely modern and differentiating architectural style.  
To judge the accommodation pre-selected by Reference Les Arcs and to award this Arcadian distinction, a jury of experts conscientiously surveyed 5 amazing apartments and 1 legendary «Chalet Pointu» completely renovated in order to assess each element according to an assessment chart based on 4 themes:
- Les Arcs’ design heritage
- The contemporary style
- The functionality and durability of the fittings and materials
- The feeling of well-being and the benefits of the design.
After the inspections, over 2 hours of dialogue and debate were needed to decide on the award of Siganture Les Arcs.
3 interiors were favoured!
The winning owners are now ambassadors for the renovation programme. 
This expert recognition led owners to emulate one another.
These properties are now genuine renovation benchmarks and serve as examples for professional renovators: craftsmen and businesses.

New: In order to offer owners better support in their desire to improve the comfort of their apartments, Reference Les Arcs is examining the idea of setting up a catalogue of examples of renovations with links to the contact details of the craftsman or business that carried out the work. These recommendations will be available on the internet from the end of 2014.
Meanwhile, Reference Les Arcs is continuing to organise forums: evening gatherings for participating craftsmen and businesses and owners to meet.


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