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Skigebied geopend van 11 december tot 30 april 2022


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Skigebied geopend van 11 december tot 30 april 2022

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Arc 2000, Arc 1800, Bourg Saint Maurice… waar je ook verblijft, er is van alles te doen   met talrijke animaties, zowel in de winter als in de zomer.

Om op de hoogte te zijn van alle belangrijke gebeurtenissen, animaties en spelen van het resort les Arcs, kunt u ons wekelijkse animatie programma raadplegen of downloaden in PDF of het ophalen bij de offices de tourisme (VVV) en bij uw winkeliers! Pak uw agenda er bij !


Les Arcs Pierre Blanche

Come learn to ski touring or measure yourself with friends at Les Arcs Pierre Blanche. Also take advantage of a climb after dark to see the mountain from a different perspective under the light of headlamps.

If ski mountaineering thrills you and you want to try it at night, Les Arcs Pierre Banche is "THE" race for you!
Starting from Arc 1600, it is on the piste dedicated to ski mountaineering that cadets, juniors, hopefuls, seniors and veterans, both men and women, will be able to enjoy this sport, timed for the occasion.

* Registration from 5.45 p.m. is € 5 including the post-race cold buffet. You can register directly on https://www.unautresport.com or on the same day at the Arc 1600 cupola.
The departure is at 7 p.m. on the snow background of Arc 1600.

* Registration conditions: valid FFCAM, FFME or FFS licence with compulsory medical visa or medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of competitive sport dating from less than one year.

* Compulsory equipment:
✓ A pair of skis with bindings ✓ A pair of high boots ✓ A pair of anti-slip skins ✓ A pair of poles ✓ A headlamp ✓ A UIAA approved helmet: it must be on the head during the whole race.

Front de neige Cachette Arc 1600 73700 Les Arcs

Période d’ouverture

Donderdag 13 januari 2022 om 18.15 u.


Vol tarief: € 5.

Gratis voor pers.