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Boek uw verblijfvotre séjour

uw verblijfzomerpas

Boek uw verblijfvotre séjour uw verblijfzomerpas

Probeer uw hand bij ski touring om de bergen anders te verkennen!


Trouver un accompagnateur en ski de randonnée :

Ski touring in Arc 1800 : Les Tétras

The trail starts at the top of the Villards cable car. For our hiker friends, the climb on the lift is free. From the top of the gondola, cross carefully the Belvedere slope then go up along the slalom stadium nets.

Télécabine des Villards
Les Arcs

(0)4 79 07 12 57


You are in the forest of the Grouse, which bears its name well. If you are quiet and observant you will surely see Black Grouse nesting for the winter: do not disturb them!
After a short hour's climb, you will cross the Traversée trail: be careful because you do not have priority.
From here the forest clears until you reach a small ridge between the Coqs trail and the Golf trail. Cross the trail and continue up to the top of the Vagère chairlift.
Just before reaching the top, you go up the Grands Mélèzes piste against the direction of the piste: stay on the edge and be careful of the skiers coming down.
The arrival is in front of the CATEX building and the descent will be done by the slope of your choice.

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Période d’ouverture

Van 11/12/2021 tot en met 30/04/2022 van 8.30 tot en met 15.45 u.

Onder voorbehoud, van de sneeuwcondities.

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