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Often considered a natural rampart, the Alps are however not impassable. Through the presence of the Petit-Saint-Bernard, Bonhomme and Iseran passes, the Haute-Tarentaise valley has brought together important places of passage since prehistory. Since Antiquity, the Petit-Saint-Bernard pass has been a link between local Alpine populations. During the Roman conquest, Emperor Augustus completed the construction of the Roman road. Troops, sovereigns, pilgrims, merchants, bankers and peddlers cross paths on the roads. At the end of the Middle Ages, the County of Savoie controlled five crucial passes, including the Petit and Grand Saint-Bernard.

With the family

Family holidays are special moments for discovering heritage: treasure hunts, discovery booklets, heritage trails... for parents and children alike.


These booklets allow you to go on an adventure with your family to discover the heritage and history of Bourg Saint Maurice and the resort of Les Arcs...