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De wildwatersporten zijn een belangrijke activiteit geworden in de vallei van de Haute-Tarentaise!

Rafting, canyoning, wildwaterzwemmen… Het wordt tijd om dit uit te proberen! Verleg je limieten en ontdek deze sensationele activiteit! Op het water onder toezicht van professionals zullen je gedachten opfrissen !



Bourg Saint Maurice has a natural white-water centre which hosts numerous competitions every year.

We talk about the sport of Canoe-Kayak, because taking part in the two of them is similar.
However, canoeing and kayaking differ in the paddle and the position in the boat.
In the canoe, you have a single paddle and kneel in the boat, whereas in the Kayak you have a double paddle and are seated.

Did you know? Le céiste (canoeist) is the French name given to one who canoes.

In Bourg Saint Maurice, you can canoe-kayak in calm water on a small lake at the Canoe Kayak centre. You can take the first steps or try out paddle-boarding on your own or with your family.

You can also venture into white-water all along the Isère if you have enough experience and hold a permit.


For each of these sports it is important to:

- Be able to swim

- Be in good health

- Accept  being immersed or getting wet. You will have realised that it will be difficult to stay dry. -

On the day, don’t forget:

A swimming costume

A swimming towel

A water-bottle

A cord for your glasses

A bag for your things and your purse

Sun cream, because even in the water or under the trees, you’re not protected from sun burn.


Set off on an adventure exploring an astonishing natural environment aboard an inflatable raft and move through the water by paddling alongside your crewmates. You will  go down parts of the river known as «rapids», which is guaranteed to be fun!

In the Upper Tarentaise, rafting takes place down the Isère, following a varied 18 km route, which is one of the longest in France.

From Bourg Saint Maurice all the way to Centron, in incredible mountain and forest scenery, you will shoot the famous Aime rapids, pass through the magnificent Pucelle gorges, finishing with the Centron rapids.

Thanks to daily releases of water from the Isère dam, you will enjoy good conditions for the sport throughout the season.

So, are you ready to try the adventure?

No particular ability is required. You must be 9 years old and able to swim.


Get off the beaten track and venture into the riverbed  on foot. This is an aquatic sport in the great outdoors which will take you through gorges, narrow ravines, with jumps and water slides. Push back your limits and try the adventure.

Open to all. You must be able to swim and be 10 years old.


This sport is accessible to everyone, but you need to be in excellent physical condition. Using a float  to keep you on the surface and flippers to propel you, you will swim down the river. Your  wetsuit will protect you from the cold and you will be in complete communion with the water and nature. Thrills guaranteed, and you’ll be kept cool should there be a heatwave.

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