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Bike Park Les Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry

Lake District - E-Bike

Difficult cross-country circuit. Magnificent panoramic views and mountain lakes. This summer, Lake District is also available for E-BIKE to enjoy hiking on the way up and on the way down.

4.9 km 219m D+ -95m D-

Durée : min
Altitude maximum : 2545m
Type de parcours : Boucle

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Set off towards Col de la Chal in Arc 2000 by the vehicle track, go downhill for 500m then uphill by the Dou de l'Homme vehicle track. Continue uphill to the Marloup Lake. Chance for a break by the lake. Carry on for 1km on the flat, crossing a stream, then downhill for a bit to reach the bottom of the Grand Col chairlift.
Return by going back up to the Col de la Chal.

E-BIKE Caution ! We advice you to pay attention to others because you can cross other biker on the way up as on the way down.

Période d’ouverture

Van 08/07 tot en met 02/09.


Onder voorbehoud, van de weersomstandigheden.


L'itinéraire est balisé.