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Salle polyvalente

Les Arcs


La Salle Polyvalente à Arc 2000 est une jolie structure en style théâtre avec une scène de 65 m2, équipée d’une régie son et lumières et de matériel de vidéo-projection ; sa capacité de 240 places assises, son espace cuisine et la grande terrasse donnant sur le front de neige d'Arc 200 en font une salle fonctionnelle pour des petites réunions plénières ou pour cocktails et dîners de gala.

Pour toute demandes de réservation, vous pouvez contacter Cristina GIAON,

The Bernard Taillefer Conference Centre in Arc 1800

The Bernard Taillefer Conference Centre, located in the immediate vicinity of the resort of Arc 1800, is one of the rare buildings in the mountains able to seat more than 500 people.

The 700 m2 principal hall is equipped with a rising rostrum providing the best visibility for a large audience. The wide bay window looking out over the Mont Blanc massif enables fully-attended meetings to be held in natural light. The 100 m2 stage is fully equipped with lighting, video-projection and sound systems for your speakers’ presentations as well as for the performances and concerts which will bring your gala evenings to life (level access with a ramp leading to the stage and hall). Its 5 subsidiary rooms of 20 to 65 m2, make up the rest of the Centre’s available meeting venues. They can be equipped with video-projectors and screens and the largest of them benefit from natural light

 + Total surface area 1100 m2
 + 2 levels - 1 principal hall
 + 5 subsidiary rooms
 + Furnished with chairs, tables, rising rostrum, sound, video and lighting systems.

 + Access / Address: Le Charvet - Arc 1800, 73700, Bourg Saint Maurice
 + GPS coordinates: Latitude ~ 45.57762 and Longitude ~ 6.785431


The Coupole in Arc 1600

The Coupole was one of the first buildings to go up in Arc 1600, in 1969, planned by Pierre Faucheux, architect and graphic designer. Considered as the entertainment and reception centre for cultural events, it has an auditorium (seating 130) with movable seats, video-projection facilities, screen and sound system, and a central area which offers multiple possible configurations: concert hall, venue for ceremonies, dance floor and bar and even a place of worship.

The auditorium, which enjoys natural light, is designed in the round and looks out through a large bay window onto a lovely outdoor terrace which is perfect for coffee breaks in the sunshine. On the ground floor is a reception and exhibition area which can also be used as a bar.


The multi-purpose Hall in Arc 2000

The multi-purpose hall in Arc 2000 is an attractive building in the style of a theatre with a 65 m2 stage, equipped with sound and lighting systems and video-projection equipment. Its seating capacity of 240, its kitchen area and large terrace opening onto the snow front make it a functional hall for small meetings, drinks parties or gala dinners.